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Beer, Wine, and More Wine

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

We made a Chianti from a 5 gallon kit some months ago.  It’s in bottles in the wine rack right now.  We tried some the other day and it was ok.  At $120 for 27 bottles it comes out to $4.45 per bottle.  So, we thought we’d try more home made wines.

When we bottle the Chianti I decided to make a quick beer from left over supplies in the Mr Beer kit and lager it in the wine fridge during the hot summer.  The Whispering Whea, Booster, and Cherries were boil for 10 minutes, allowed to cool a bit, and strained into the primary.  A standard yeast starter made with a scoop of must, cool tap water, and the yeast.  Fermentation was 1 week at 76F.  Then lagered in the wine fridge at about 48-55F.  I tasted on 9/5 and it needed sweetness and age.  The cherries don’t contribute much to the flavor.  The color is an red-amber.  On 10/1 racked into 2 1gal jugs and 2 26oz bottles. To each jug add 1 1/2 cp water + 3/4 cp demara.  The bottles were primed with demara and sat out a week.  Then placed in the fridge.  Fermentation restarted in the jugs at room temperature (~72F).

1 Can Whisper Wheat Wiezen
1 pkg Booster
1/2 cp Cherries
1 pkg K1 Lalvin yeast

Next, was a Peach Raisen wine recipe pulled from Jack Keller’s blog on 9/3.  Thaw the peaches and slice thin.  Slice the fresh peaches thin with skins.  Place fruit in a muslin bag.  Boil 1 qt of bottled water with 1 lb cane sugar.  Pour the hot, sweet water over the peaches.  Allow to cool to 95F.  Add 1 crushed camden tablet and 1 tsp pectin enzyme.  Add 1 large lemon.  Cover and wait 12 hr.  Test acid at 4.2-4.4 pH with test strips.  Make a yeast starter by boiling 1/2 cp tap water with 2 tbs cane sugar and 1/2 cp of cool must and 1 tsp yeast nutrient. Wait 1 hr and pitch yeast into starter.  Wait 1 hr and pitch the yeast starter.  Loosely cover the primary for 1 day.  Then tightly cover and airlock the primary.  After one week (9/10), I squeezed the crap out of the muslin bag (a serious mistake).  There was a huge amount of suspended material.  Added 2.55 lb cane sugar and racked to 2 1 gal jugs, not topped off.  On 10/1, racked off of heavy leese.  Added some disolved bentonite.  Topped off with 1 1/2 lt of Fuji water.  There were still significant lees on 10/13 and significant clearing, still hazy.

2 lb frozen peaches
~1 1/2 lb fresh peaches with skins sliced thin, no seeds
1/2 cp raisen’s diced
~1 lb cane sugar
1 lg lemon
1 camden tablet
1 tsp pectin enzyme
1 pkg Montrachet yeast
1 tsp yeast nutrient

We decided to make another kit for a Stagg Merlot on 9/24.  The Initial Gravity was 1.092.  On 10/13, we whipped with a bent coat hanger and added the clearing agents.  We had overfilled by a 1/2 bottle.  The Final Gravity was .992.  Make a ~13% ABV.

On 10/8 we started a Frozen Strawberry Wine again from one of Jack Keller’s recipes.  Thaw strawberries and grape juice.  Dissolve the sugar in 5 pints of tap water and boil.  Strain juice from fruit and save the juice.  Put fruit in nylon bag in primary and crush by hand.  Pour boiling water over fruit in primary and cool.  When 80-85F add juice, tannin, acid, nutrient, saved juice & 1 tsp tap water.  I held back 1 cp of saved juice frozen to add back for when the wine is stabilized.  Add yeast and cover.  Stir daily.  Initial Gravity was 1.094 and 2.0 pH from test strip.

4 lb frozen strawberries
1 11 oz can concord Welch’s organic concentrate
1 lb 8 oz light brown sugar
6 oz demara
2 tsp wine acid blend
1/4 tsp wine grape tannine
1 pkg Red Star montrachet
1 tsp yeast nutrient