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Garden Plantings

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Today we planted several things in the two raised bed. Yesterday, I added about 6.6 and 13.2 Cu Ft of cottonburs and 3 and 6 Cu Ft of composted cow manure to two raised beds and hoed up all the lamb’s quarters. The list of plantings is below.

Larger Raised Bed
~4 Petunias
2 Celosia

Small Raised Bed
1 clump of chives
~3 Petunias
2 Celosia
1 set of yellow granex onion
1 set of southern belle purple onion

We plan to put tomatoes and herbs in the smaller bed and beans in the larger bed. That still leaves various flowers, tomatillosm potatoes, shallots, scallions, etc. The raised hill will grow the squash; scallops(small bush) and zucchini type (yellow and green).

The drip lines to all three beds under the bedroom window have been laid out and adjusted. The two ground beds need to be setup.

One peach tree (larger) made it through the frost and is heavily loaded.

3 Black Simpson Seeded lettuce volunteered on their own around the yard and we are watering them a little to acclimatize and hopefully have more lettuce with no effort.

The parsley is taking over the ground beds and needs to be cut back heavily. Also rosemary, marjoram, and sage seem to survive the winters for a couple of years in a row and are continuing to grow around the yard.